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  • On a trip to Portland with my lovable but leash-hating dog, Hank, I was fortunate to discover your leashes. It was a Friday afternoon with loads of traffic and people and while I had stopped to talk to someone, Hank chewed through his leash for the third time that trip! It couldn’t be tied anymore and I was at my wits end. There happened to be a boutique pet store across the street so I carried Hank and went inside. I asked them for the cheapest leash they had since it would probably only last a few hours unless they had one he couldn’t chew through. I was exasperated and more than a little unpleasant but the cheerful teenager said, “Here, this one is chew-proof.” I didn’t really believe her but it seemed worth a try at least so I bought it. Nine years later and it’s still going strong! This leash saved my sanity and probably Hank’s life too! Thanks for making such a great product!!!

    Marti Wheeler

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