Double Dog Walker - 19 inch

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The VirChewLy Indestructible DoubleDog Walker is constructed from lightweight, flexible, incredibly strong vinyl coated steel cable with a minimum breaking strength of over 900 pounds. Because dogs don't have the right incisors to cut steel, it is virtually chew proof, break proof and tangle proof. It is also rust and odor resistant. The VirChewLy Indestructible DoubleDog Walker is comprised of two 19" lengths with swivel based snaphooks to allow for tangle-free movement. Both lengths are securely attached to a welded 1" O-ring allowing it to be connected to any leash. For multiple dog walking we offer the DoubleDog Walker in XS(for under 20lbs), M(for under 80 lbs), and L(for under 210lbs). All are available in Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, and Pink. Our goal is to Keep Dogs Safe, One Leash at a Time. Muttgear, LLC makes all its products in Oregon, USA.